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Having access to exceptional choices in food and drink, both on-site and within walking distance, is a large part of the Horton Grand’s appeal. Earning our place among the renowned San Diego Gaslamp restaurants, the delectable food at our own Ida Bailey’s restaurant is both a perk of staying with us, and a reason to stop in when you’re simply strolling through the downtown area. Whether exploring the wide array of pubs in the Gaslamp in San Diego or looking for a new dinner spot, the Horton Grand offers something for every occasion and every taste.

As a guest of the Horton Grand, you can enjoy exceptional dining and socializing experience at the Palace Bar, and the Courtyard and Ida Bailey’s restaurants, without even leaving the hotel. When you’re ready to head out and sample a taste of the San Diego area, you’ll find over 100 restaurants and bars within walking distance.

Our courtyard also offers elegant ambiance for any occasion, from a romantic dinner for two to a casual downtown San Diego brunch with close friends. Don’t feel much like socializing? Order from our world-class room service menu, and dine in private by the elegant fireplace in your room.

Dine at Our San Diego Gaslamp Restaurant

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of San Diego Gaslamp restaurants, look no further than Ida Bailey’s. Named after legendary Gaslamp maven, the restaurant offers California-style fare with international infusion that would make Ms. Bailey herself proud. Ida Bailey’s is also an excellent spot to enjoy downtown San Diego brunch — a meal you must partake in at least once while visiting San Diego.

When choosing between the pubs in the Gaslamp in San Diego, the Palace Bar at the Horton Grand offers sophisticated décor, top-notch service, and a full whiskey bar. Local live entertainment provides a vibrant atmosphere on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

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Ida Bailey’s

Aptly named after one of the most infamous ladies ever to reside in what was formerly known as the “Stingaree,” and is now the Gaslamp District, Ida Bailey’s Restaurant provides a calm relaxing atmosphere, that is sure to complement your stay at the historic Horton Grand Hotel.

Located near the exact spot where Madame Bailey ran her highly sought after Canary Cottage, Ida Bailey’s is one of the most historic restaurants in all of San Diego.

In the early 1900s, the Stingaree was home to more than a few entrepreneurial characters and a politician or two with less-than-ideal agendas on the mind.

Since those early Stingaree days, though, the Gaslamp has been transformed into a classy, exciting, and truly unique bustling metropolitan area with plenty to offer in the way of shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

Since the day it opened, Ida Bailey’s has been committed to providing the freshest and most delicious Californian dishes, with plenty South of the border influences. 

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A Mysterious Madame on the Stingaree

Welcome to the Stingaree, now known as the Gaslamp District, a place where living without the law was a way of life, and only those with hidden agendas frequented. One of the most infamous and enigmatic characters from the Stingaree days was Ida Bailey.

Tastes Inspired by the Rich History of the Gaslamp

Always one for the finest things in life, Ida Bailey would certainly approve of her namesake restaurant. California fare with inspirations from South of the border, as well as around the world. Wonderful selection and value await.

A Room Draped In Elegance, With a Hint of Mystery

Ida Bailey is truly meant for ladies and gentlemen who crave history, class, and delectable dishes. With its dark paneled wood, dim lighting, and subtle chandeliers, Ida Bailey’s sets the perfect ambiance for a legendary experience.

The Palace Bar

The Palace Bar blends a warm and welcoming ambience with sophisticated décor.

Whether you’re closing a business deal in the early hours of the day or would like a drink after work or prior to a night on the town, the Palace Bar provides the perfect location to unwind.

Join us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings for live and local entertainment.

Come make new friends and create opportunities at the classic Palace Bar.

The Palace Bar hours are Sunday-Wednesday 11am-Midnight, Thursday 11-1am, Friday-Saturday 11-2am with a 25% off happy hour from 2PM - 6PM. Live entertainment on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

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