Calendario de eventos ~ Emocionantes eventos en el Horton Grand Hotel y en San Diego

Próximos eventos en San Diego, California

Eventos especiales en el Horton Grand Hotel:

Palace Bar: Espectáculos los viernes y sábados a partir de las 20:00 horas.


Chuck Jones Gallary Celebrates Bugs Bunny's 75th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny!

The world’s favorite rabbit turns 75 this year, and will be celebrated with Chuck Jones Gallary of San Diego this month at the Horton Grand Hotel and Horton Grand Theatre.   July 27, 1940, saw the debut of the cotton-tailed character’s first cartoon short “Wild Hare,” directed by Tex Avery.  “Wild Hare” was the first one where Bugs looked like himself, sounded like himself and, significantly, it was the first time he uttered the immortal words “What’s up, Doc?”

Bugs’ name appeared onscreen for the first time the following year, 1941, in “Elmer’s Pet Rabbit,” directed by Chuck Jones. By 1946, WB took out an ad in Variety proclaiming that moviegoers named him their favorite cartoon character in a poll by Showmen’s Trade Review.

Over the years, Bugs survived the bluster of Yosemite Sam, the gun of Fudd, the Tasmanian Devil, Marvin the Martian, Daffy Duck’s competitive streak and dozens of other challenges. If you were in a scrape, Bugs is the cartoon character you’d want by your side — a combo of MacGyver and Groucho Marx, able to build any contraption in a moment’s notice, and throw off wisecracks to boot. And, as a bonus, he might get into drag and sing to you.

Many senior citizens decline a big birthday party, because they don’t want to acknowledge they’re getting older. But Bugs looks as good as ever. In his long career, he was never involved in a scandal, was a good role model because he eats all his vegetables and provided endless laughs for many generations. So if you're a fan, celebrate with us by having a slice of carrot cake, and raising a glass in honor of one of Hollywood’s greatest stars.

Jay Berman and Keri Hill at the Horton Grand

Classical and Jazz Pianist Jay Berman has teamed up Jazz Singer Keri Hill, to bring their sound of 40s swing and big band, 50 rock-n-roll, and jazz to San Diego.  Jay has also worked with well know performers such as BB King, Jerry Lewis, The Platters, and Patti Page.


Playing at the Horton Grand October 24th, 2015

Sophisticados at the Horton Grand

The Sophisticados are a duo who perform acoustic jazz, as well as Latin, Flamenco, Brazilian, adult contemporary, and smooth jazz favorites.


Playing at the Horton Grand October 10th and 17th, 2015.



Joseph Luna at the Horton Grand

Joseph Luna is a pro-level saxophonist and flautist, a San Diego Music Awards (SDMA) Best Jazz nominee, who has played with top artists in San Diego, L.A. and beyond - including performances in Italy and Spain. 

Playing at the Horton Grand October 3rd and 16th, 2015.


Kenny Beaumont at the Horton Grand

Kenny is a long life guitarist & singer currently living in San Diego, California. He is well known and  plays throughout the San Diego Music Scene. He writes and play his own original music, know all the great classics, (Zeppelin, Stones , Beatles) as well as a few surprises from his many years living in Brazil. He does GREAT reggae and blues (Bob Marley, Muddy Waters)as well.


Playing at the Horton Grand October 2nd, 8th, 15th, and 23rd.

Lele Rose at the Palace Bar

A multi-lingual original music and dance artist, Lele Rose began her career at the young age of four when she sat down at the piano and started playing tunes by ear. Early on she was trained in classical piano, ballet, tap, jazz, and vocals.  

Playing at the Horton Grand October 1st and 29th, 2015.

Ryan Brolliar At the Palace Bar

"When large groups of people are together, I am at my greatest peace. It makes complete sense to me. The fact that someone can play an instrument, and make this happen is why I have decided to step into my talents as a musician.
I look to use music as a platform to bring people together, connect with children, give others opportunities they would not have had before, and use any exposure I receive to positively impact the world."
Playing at the Palace Bar in the Horton Grand October 9th and 30th, 2015.

Tonight in San Diego at The Horton Grand Theatre

America's Finest City has its own take on the classic variety talk show featuring San Diego personalities & the absolute best from its music scene.  Starring Jeff Krapf, Jesse Egan, and DJ Teelynn.  Directed by Fale Luis.  Purchase Tickets at